Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here we are again. Another attempt with blogging.

So I am here to try this again. I like to read everyone's blogs to see whats going on in everyone's busy lives. Then I start to think that I suck at my own, so I am now going to try and keep up with pictures and updates.

Tomorrow is Robby and I's 4th anniversary. It seems like just yesterday. Unfortunally he is working out of town so we are going to celebrate it next wednesday the 23rd. I felt it would be a special day because we are finding out what Wright baby #3 is going to be. We are excited.

Updates on everyone:

Robert: Robert is still working for BNSF Railway. He is working as a conductor with the hopes that he will be able to work as an engineer this summer. He is getting closer in senority. He got his license in November of 2008 but has yet to run full time. He gets oppertunitys here and there. He is getting all excited for our big family vacation of hunting season this year.

Carrie(ME): I have been really sick with this baby but very excited for it. I have been staying at home and dabbling in hair here and there. I dont want to loose my touch. Im excited to be back in the North Idaho area and not in Seattle any more.

Wyatt: Wyatt just turned 2 1/2. He is in the process of potty training. He has good and bad days but over all good. He loves Thomas the train and Disney Cars. He also loves to help around the house.

Sawyer: Sawyer just turned 1 1/2. He just got another 4 teeth in so he now has more than 6. I thought that he was going to be toothless. He likes to count and he really likes to watch Miss Spider. We call him Lionous because he loves to pull around his blanket. He is also a little cuddler.

Well I will definetly try to keep up on this so people will know what goes on in our family also. Till then.

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