Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here we are again. Another attempt with blogging.

So I am here to try this again. I like to read everyone's blogs to see whats going on in everyone's busy lives. Then I start to think that I suck at my own, so I am now going to try and keep up with pictures and updates.

Tomorrow is Robby and I's 4th anniversary. It seems like just yesterday. Unfortunally he is working out of town so we are going to celebrate it next wednesday the 23rd. I felt it would be a special day because we are finding out what Wright baby #3 is going to be. We are excited.

Updates on everyone:

Robert: Robert is still working for BNSF Railway. He is working as a conductor with the hopes that he will be able to work as an engineer this summer. He is getting closer in senority. He got his license in November of 2008 but has yet to run full time. He gets oppertunitys here and there. He is getting all excited for our big family vacation of hunting season this year.

Carrie(ME): I have been really sick with this baby but very excited for it. I have been staying at home and dabbling in hair here and there. I dont want to loose my touch. Im excited to be back in the North Idaho area and not in Seattle any more.

Wyatt: Wyatt just turned 2 1/2. He is in the process of potty training. He has good and bad days but over all good. He loves Thomas the train and Disney Cars. He also loves to help around the house.

Sawyer: Sawyer just turned 1 1/2. He just got another 4 teeth in so he now has more than 6. I thought that he was going to be toothless. He likes to count and he really likes to watch Miss Spider. We call him Lionous because he loves to pull around his blanket. He is also a little cuddler.

Well I will definetly try to keep up on this so people will know what goes on in our family also. Till then.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's going to be a BOY!!!!!

Sorry been busy and all packing for our move to Idaho. It is a boy and we are going to name him Sawyer Gerald Wright. We are very excited. This one seems to be coming fast. Maybe cause i'm not so focused on it. Well I will blog later!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Big Day!

So tommorrow we get to go get an ultrasound to find out what we are having. So excited. Don't know this time what it is. With Wyatt I knew it was a boy. This one don't know. Wyatt and I are just getting over the flu. I cant wait till its all over. Well ill blog tommorrow with the big news!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Robby and Wyatt next to Bella's truck from the book Twilight
Wyatt looking cute. Sorry the picture is so dark.
Wyatt having some love daddy time.
Touch my toes.
Look I can swim.

It's been so long!

So I once vowed to keep up on my blogging. Boy did we fail. So I am on it now. Since October so much has happened. We will start with a big review.

1. October- As you know we were staying over in Seattle. Robby was forced over for work. Which we were grateful at the time and still are. Robby decided to try for the train engineer course, and GOT IT!! What a blessing. It was try for the course or face furloughs. We also celebrated Robby's 28th birthday on Halloween. Happy Birthday!

2. November- Robby took off the Kansas City, Kansas to begin the start of his course. He was gone a whole 3 weeks. Agonizing for both of us. I don't like when he's gone that long. He made it back on the 21st. Meanwhile Wyatt and I stayed in Coeur d'Alene with my parents and got everything ready to move to Bremerton. We stayed with some good friends and then at the end of November went and got all of our stuff.

3. December- Wow i'm looking its been months and still so much to share. On the 1st we moved into our new apartment. It was so nice after living in a 5th wheel and a motel room. ( I still like you 5th wheel) It took me a couple of weeks to get everything in order. I still don't think we have everything in order. It was christmas time and my parents came over. It was nice seeing them. What else....Oh Washingtonions over here in the Seattle area are so scared of a little snow. They closed everything down for about a week for 4 in of snow. come on.... I feel for those in Spokane and Cda.

4. January- A lot went on this month. I started a new job at Hairmasters. It's fun I work on Saturdays and Mondays. They really like me there. It helps me keep up on my skills. Also this month we found out some "BIG" news. We are going to have another "Addition" to our family. Yay! We are expecting a new baby in either end of August or no later than Sept 2. I won't go past the due date if I can help it.

5. February- And this leads us to this month. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Wow we have made it two years. They have been the best years so far. I love you Robby!!!! MORE!!! Wyatt is getting big. At the begining of the month he started to get on his hands and knees and now sort of throws himself forward to go places. He loves to talk and have your attention. He has 2 bottom teeth. I took him to the doctor today and he weighs 20lbs 3oz. My little chunk. He is 27 1/4 in long.

Well I guess I've filled you in over the last few months. I now vow to keep up on this thing.. You better help if I forget. You know the pregnant mind. It's not all there. I love and miss you all.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Robby and Wyatt at the Edmonds Ferry.
Wyatt at Manitou Park in Spokane.
Robby and Wyatt at Discovery Park in Seattle.
Look how chunky Wyatt is getting. He's practicing holding the bottle.

O.K. So we slaked a little the last month.

O.k So blogging the last month so of went down the drain. So a lot has happened the last month. Around the 8th of October we got sent over to Seattle for work. Turns out that we will stay here for a little while. We went and found a cool apartment over in Bremerton. I am so excited. It is brand new. I'll get pictures when we move in.

Wyatt is getting big. I think he is a little more than 12 lbs. He has now grown into the 3-6 mo clothes. Makes me a little sad that hes not a newborn. Oh well. He's still cute. His new thing is cartoons. He sits in his chair and watchs tom and jerry and justs laughs. He is also slobbering all the time.

This weekend is my big weekend. I am going to Boise to take my state boards for my license. I'm a little nervous. It will be good though. Anyways i'm posting a few pictures of Robby and Wyatt. We've had a little fun and had some adventures while we have been here in Seattle. Of course i'm not in them because i'm the one taking the pictures.